Wireframe Kit

Fragments iOS

Powerful iOS 14 Kit with 280+ Ready Layouts
9 ratings   •   Version 3.1 (October 15, 2020)
9 ratings
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Fragments iOS UX Kit contains the latest trends of iOS 14 components
& ready-to-use layouts and it's Design System incorporates all the latest features of Sketch App & Figma.

With the help of layouts & components, you can easily create and customize your mobile apps. Level up your mobile prototyping workflow with Fragments.
280+ Layouts
11 Categories
SF Symbols
SF Pro
1X Resolution
iOS 14 UI Elements
Style Guide
Figma Features
Sketch Features
What's Included
280+ layouts in 11 categories
Style Guide
Layer & Text Styles
iOS 14 UI Elements
Bars, Buttons, UI Views & more...
Theme Setup
Layer & Text Styles
Customize Layouts
01:57 - Youtube
Create Layouts
02:01 - Youtube
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Unlock access to carefully crafted goods for designing interfaces.
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Compatible with
Sketch App & Figma
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Sections Base
Wireframe Starter Kit for Web
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We will always be happy to support students. Send us your student ID and get a 30% discount code.
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